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Our Mission

We want to give our guests the opportunity to discover Bologna in a completely different way than tourists usually do. We want them to visit Bologna like a local would, so they can learn more about our food, how it’s made and also about Italian habits.

Why Delicious Bologna Food Tours?

  • Only Delicious Bologna Food Tours includes a complete lunch/dinner in a traditional trattoria to taste local homemade pasta.
  • The tour itself gives you a great insight into both the city and its food. It not only comprises of lovely food but also small snippets of information about some of the main spots in Bologna, along with some more hidden sights that you would not usually notice.
  • We are building relationships with other guides and food & wine artisans from all over the region, we can recommend you these places and organize a whole gastronomic itinerary in Emilia Romagna. Our tips are free, before and during the tour!
  • We are very passionate about our city and its food and, at the end of the tour, you will be too: you won’t just be our client; you will be our friend!

Who is Delicious Bologna Founder?

Delicious Bologna has been founded by Mattia in 2014.

His passion for food, the interest in meeting other people and cultures and the lack of food tours in Bologna are the main reasons that pushed him to start up Delicious Bologna.

The city of Bologna has been changing in last years due to the increase of tourism but Delicious Bologna philosophy didn’t alter and the main goal is still taking people to some local places and show them the authenticity of Bologna.


Mattia Tozzoli


It's Mattia, I was born in Imola, a small town in the province of Bologna. After some experiences abroad in France and Australia I decided to go back in my hometown ( I was missing Nonna's food) and start to do something that I love, in the best city of the world: Bologna !
That's why I started Delicious Bologna.

As I am a local and a big foodie I can easily transmit my passion for food and for my land to my guests, my job is like a hobby for me!


Miriam Panieri


I'ts Miriam! and here are 2 things I always loved: drawing and food.
I'm from Bologna but also lived in Lisbon, Ukraine and Spain.
I travel a lot: as a writer and illustrator, this gives me the chance to get inspired
by different colors, cultures, environments...and to taste a lot of typical food too!
I love to write articles about it and about the most interesting kids' books I find.
I was emotionally touched more than once by delicious typical Bolognese food.


Riccardo Sacco


Born and raised in Bologna, I'm Riccardo, Mister Parmigiano 2022 and 2023 😉
I'm a comedian who works in food tourism, I love entertaining people with stories about food and my region Emilia Romagna.
I'm the loudest and funniest host you can find and I love to share my favourite places with tourists.
I joined Delicious Bologna team in 2022 and so proud to be part of it, it's a pleasure for me to show youthe area where I grew up.

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