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Experience a cooking class in a rural house in Dozza with a local family in a authentic Romagnola atmosphere.
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Cooking class in a rural house in Dozza

In a region full of gastronomic delights such as Emilia Romagna, we wanted to share with our guests our enthusiasm and passion for the local cookery in a traditional familiar environment

Cooking class in Dozza
Enjoying the pasta

In the typical kitchen of the villa, in a casual atmosphere and familiar, the “arzdora“ Teresa with her kids, offers lessons of typical romagnola cooking ending happily in the conviviality of a lunch or a dinner together all the family.
You will learn how to prepare fresh egg pasta, kneaded by hand and pulled on a work surface with a “mattarello” to make the typical Garganelli, Ravioli or Tagliatelle.
Thanks to the advice of Teresa is also prepared the typical piadina to enjoy with squacquerone, rocket and ham, or other cured meats.
Lunch or dinner final course will be accompanied by local wines and together with the final dessert will be served the liquor Nocino (with walnut) or Laurino (with bay leaves), made with ancient and traditional methods.


5 Hours



95€ Adults – 70€ Under18


Start Time

It’s possible to do the course in the morning or in the afternoon based on the avaialbility of the family.

You will receive a confirmation if our cooking class is available.

*Transport is not provided and not included in the price, but we can arrange it for you.

You can reserve your spot by paying with credit card, or contact us if you don’t feel comfortable with these system of payment.