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A huge tulip garden in Bologna countryside: TuliPark opened today

It’s finally spring, sun and warm temperatures make people want to spend some hours outdoors despite the harsh restrictions by the government for Easter weekend. But there is a fantastic place in the outskirts of Bologna where is possible to go and breath spring air for a while.

It opened today in Via dell’arcoveggio 58/60 a big tulip garden that people can visit to pick tulips. It sounds incredible but it’s true.


Window of shop Bruno e Franco in Bologna

Where to buy the best fresh pasta and salumi in Bologna : Salumeria Bruno e Franco

Salumeria Bruno e Franco is a landmark for locals who crowd the shop every day to buy the best delicacies for which Emilia Romagna is famous. Warmly welcomed by Franco, the owner, you can find regional cheese, salumi, olive oil, balsamic vinegar and a big variety of fresh pasta made by Grazia, Martina and their team of sfogline in a small pasta factory, a few steps from the shop.


Crescentina : What is it?

Crescentina, is another delicacy from the Emilia Romagna region of Italy. It is one of Italy’s most famous and appreciate recipe.

Crescentina is a really simple recipe: it is some bread dough fried that you can have with any sort of sliced cured meat (salame, mortadella, prosciutto, etc.) or soft cheese (gorgonzola, stracchino, mozzarella, etc.). But it is also delicious on its own.