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Do you want to know more about local food, restaurants, events in Emilia Romagna?

What to do and what to see in Bologna?! Check our posts on our blog!

Bologna’s 2016 Cioccoshow and Jazz Festival

If you like chocolate and you happen to be passing through Bologna this week, you’re in for a treat! The 2016 Cioccoshow is kicking off today: it’s a big chocolate fair, stretching through the centre of Bologna, where you can try and taste a wide...

What would Bologna be like without Mortadella?!

Yesterday, 20th October 2016 started the fourth edition of MortadellaBo, the event dedicated to Mortadella Bologna IGP. Until Sunday, Piazza Maggiore will be filled with stalls, kiosks and food bikes celebrating the queen of Bolognese cuisine. Mortadella gained its IGP status in 1998, ensuring quality and...

10 biggest mistakes tourists make with Italian food

1- Drinking cappuccino after a meal Yes, cappuccino IS Italian! Outside Italy we often consume cappuccino after a meal. However, in Italy it is impossible to think of drinking a cappuccino after lunch or dinner; the only time you can actually drink a cappuccino is during...

The official measure of tagliatelle!

If you have been reading our blog you must be aware that tagliatelle al ragù is one of Bologna’s most typical dish! But did you know that this kind of pasta had an official measure? The Legend Tagliatelle have been invented in 1487 by an Italian chef,...