Window of shop Bruno e Franco in Bologna

Where to buy the best fresh pasta and salumi in Bologna : Salumeria Bruno e Franco

Salumeria Bruno e Franco is a landmark for locals who crowd the shop every day to buy the best delicacies for which Emilia Romagna is famous. Warmly welcomed by Franco, the owner, you can find regional cheese, salumi, olive oil, balsamic vinegar and a big variety of fresh pasta made by Grazia, Martina and their team of sfogline in a small pasta factory, a few steps from the shop.


Trattoria del postiglione Bologna

Best trattoria in Bologna for your sunday dinner

So it’s sunday evening, here you are in Bologna and you wish find out why it’s named “city of food” and “la grassa”, but everything seems to be closed? Don’t worry, actually not everything is closed and here’s our list of some great traditional trattorie (restaurants with a penchant for simplicity and local homey food) that are happy to welcome you on a sunday evening.READ MORE

Cremeria Mascarella bologna

Best gelato in Bologna – Cremeria Mascarella, a hidden gem in the university area

Bologna stands up for many reasons: its medieval towers, its endless porticos, its sultry fresh pasta. But did you know that one the excellences of Bologna is also gelato? As a matter fact, despite the Southern origin of this gods’ food (I love gelato: can you tell?), here in Bologna there’s an array of amazing shops selling even more surprising ice cream: Cremeria Santo Stefano, Galliera 49, Vecchia Stalla, Scirocco, Sorbetteria Castiglione to name just a few.READ MORE

Hen party dinner in Bologna

7 ideas for a bachelorette party in Bologna

So you heard that Bologna is the place to be for a short break in Italy and decided you’ll take your bride-to-be friend and other girlfriends here for a bachelorette party. Great idea! Bologna is indeed a cool place for a full immersion into mouthwatering food, lively aperitivos and overall la dolce vita. And here’s some ideas for your hen do in La Rossa, La Dotta, la Grassa*


Best pizza in Bologna: Certo, where it’s scrocchiarella

Here’s a stop-over that should never miss on any serious Bologna food tour: pizza at Certo. What? Pizza? Isn’t that from Naples and isn’t Bologna all about fresh pasta and cured meat? Well yes and no. Bologna recently became a champion on “pizza al taglio” (a different kind of pizza, typical of Rome, sold by the slice) and this is mostly thanks to Certo. READ MORE