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Delicious Bologna ship food abroad in special refrigerate box to maintain quality and freshness.
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Delicious Bologna Food Box

Our Food box includes excellent produces that are not easy to find in your country. It’s a selection of prime-quality products from Emilia Romagna, many of them offered on our food tours in Bologna.


We ship food to your countries in a refrigerate box to keep the freshness and the quality, you will receive at home in 72hours.


Make yourself comfortable and enjoy those Italian gastronomy’s gems featuring 9 delicacies from local producers.

A wonderful gift for your foody friends or to invite them for a special dinner!

Products from Emilia Romagna

Price 160€ (+ shipping fees)

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The best food on your table

What our box includes?! Produces that better represent Emilia Romagna cuisine, such as fresh pasta, Parmigiano cheese, charcuterie, and other typical specialties. Seven kilos of traditional, authentic and tasty food.

Parmigiano Reggiano 36 Months

Qty: 500 gr

Hard cheese, cooked and slowly maturing (36 months) produced with partially skimmed raw milk from our beloved dairy in the hills of Reggio Emilia.

Condimento Balsamico 15 Years

Qty: 100 ml

Acetified cooked grape aged in wooden barrels for 15 years. Pleasantly thick and velvety, with fruity and woody perfumes with nice sweet-and-sour balance.


Qty: 8 Pcs

Traditional Modena bread, consisting of crushed discs with a diameter of about 9 cm, 3-4 mm high, to be heated and filled with cold cuts and/or cheese.

Salame Rosa

Qty: 500 gr

Salame rosa is an ancient Bolognese sausage produced with the best lean cuts of pigs,”pink” muscles of shoulder, thigh, chopped by knife and cooked in the stove.

Salame Felino

Qty: 500 gr

Salame Felino is a typical salami of Emilia-Romagna, historically produced in the town of Felino (province of Parma).It’s stuffed in a natural casing, never synthetic. It also has a more compact consistency and is leaner than other types of salami.


Qty: 230 gr

Strolghino is made with meat obtained from Culatello’s trimmings. It is ground and stuffed in thin natural pig casings. Selected Pigs born and raised in Italy, in the area of Emilia Romagna.


Qty: 500 gr

The queen of Bologna, our mortadella stands out for the high quality cuts of pork used (shoulder and loin). Produced with the most modern technologies but always respecting the tradition, it’s a very fine mixture of lean pork and fine lard from the throat or cheek.


Qty: 500 gr

Tortellini is a typical pasta of Bologna. The authentic taste of tortellino is made following the ancient recipe deposited by the “confraternity of tortellino” in 1974 in Bologna. The fresh quality ingredients of the filling are: first choice pork loin, prosciutto, mortadella and Parmigiano Reggiano aged over 30 months, nutmeg and eggs.


Qty: 500 gr

Balanzoni is a green pasta, a spinach dough filled with mortadella, ricotta cheese, spinach and nutmeg. It’s a traditional pasta dish of Bolognese cuisine, perfect to be served with butter and sage.

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Fill in the form with your details and we’ll get back to you to confirm your order, we’ll send you a link for the payment with the right total amount, including shipment fees:


Our Products Shipped Abroad


We have selected special shipping systems involving the use of isothermal packaging, which allows maintaining goods at a certain temperature for up to 96 hours (4 days), as well as synthetic ice suitable for food purposes; delivery times and shipping methods vary according to the destination country.

Please check carefully the table below:

Country Delivery Cost Delivery Time
AUSTRIA 24,90 € 48-72h
BELGIUM 29,90 € 48-72h
DENMARK 34,90 € 48-72h
FINLAND 34,90 € 48-72h
FRANCE 24,90 € 48-72h
GERMANY 24,90 € 48-72h
GREECE 34,90 € 48-72h
IRELAND 34,90 € 48-72h
LUXEMBOURG 24,90 € 48-72h
NETHERLANDS 24,90 € 48-72h
PORTUGAL 34,90 € 48-72h
UK 29,90 € 48-72h
SPAIN 29,90 € 48-72h
SWEDEN 34,90 € 48-72h
SWITZERLAND 39,90 € 48-72h
HUNGARY 39,90 € 48-72h


Your order includes fresh and perishable items,  it will be shipped only on specific days, depending on the destination zone. For instance, if we were to ship your order on a Friday, that would imply that your products will spend two additional days in the courier’s warehouse, thus compromising their freshness.

At  Delicious Bologna, food quality has always been our top priority.