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Get the best food Bologna can offer ordering Delicious Bologna Food box
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Bologna Food Box

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Our Products Shipped Abroad


We have selected special shipping systems involving the use of isothermal packaging, which allows maintaining goods at a certain temperature for up to 96 hours (4 days), as well as synthetic ice suitable for food purposes; delivery times and shipping methods vary according to the destination country.

Please check carefully the table below:

Country Delivery Cost Delivery Time
AUSTRIA 24,90 € 48-72h
BELGIUM 29,90 € 48-72h
DENMARK 34,90 € 48-72h
FINLAND 34,90 € 48-72h
FRANCE 24,90 € 48-72h
GERMANY 24,90 € 48-72h
GREECE 34,90 € 48-72h
IRELAND 34,90 € 48-72h
LUXEMBOURG 24,90 € 48-72h
NETHERLANDS 24,90 € 48-72h
PORTUGAL 34,90 € 48-72h
UK 29,90 € 48-72h
SPAIN 29,90 € 48-72h
SWEDEN 34,90 € 48-72h
SWITZERLAND 39,90 € 48-72h
HUNGARY 39,90 € 48-72h


Your order includes fresh and perishable items,  it will be shipped only on specific days, depending on the destination zone. For instance, if we were to ship your order on a Friday, that would imply that your products will spend two additional days in the courier’s warehouse, thus compromising their freshness.

At  Delicious Bologna, food quality has always been our top priority.