Delicious Bologna Food Tours | Bologna Food Tours
Delicious Bologna Food Tours offers activities for foodies to discover traditions and the strong food culture of Bologna from a local perspective.
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Local experiences for foodies!

Want to experience authentic Bologna?

Delicious Bologna offers walking food tours and cooking classes in the heart of beautiful Bologna from a local’s perspective.
Our food tours give you a great insight into both the city and its food. Get involved with Delicious Bologna to discover the pleasure of Bolognese food through several mouth-watering food tastings. A four hour gratifying and delicious adventure that introduces you to the best of the best: wine, home-made pasta, pizza, local cured meat, cheese, balsamic vinegar, coffee, and last but not least-gelato!

Why a Food Tour in Bologna?

  • It’s a new concept. You can discover the culture and tradition of Bologna just by tasting its most famous products. It’s not the usual guided tour: eating and discovering a city is one of the best ways to appreciate it.
  • Bologna is the food capital in the world. One single meal in a restaurant doesn’t allow you to taste all the products Bologna has to offer. Pasta, cured meats, cheese, bread… there are just so many typical products you should try during your stay in Bologna.
  • It will be useful for the rest of your trip. The food on the tour gives you a great overview of the local cuisine: you will discover more than one product and it will help you during the rest of your stay when choosing what to eat. Thanks to our food tour you will be able to know which of the local products you prefer and absolutely need to have again before you leave. You also get advice on where to eat, what to visit and what to do.
Making Tortellini in Bologna

Daylight Walking Food Tour

Drinking Wine in Bologna

Nightfall Walking Food Tour

Delicious Bologna cooking classes

Why is it that people from our region are the best at making pasta? Come find out at our cooking class!
We want to offer you 2 different experiences: a Cooking class in a pasta lab in Bologna city centre, and another one, more local, in a more familiar location, set in a rural house in Dozza, a medieval village 20km far from Bologna.

Making Tortelloni in Bologna

Cooking Class in Bologna

Garganelli in Dozza

Cooking Class in Dozza

A highlight of our trip to Italy - MaryLou

Wonderful experience in Bologna - Chris

Best thing to do in Bologna - Becca

Authentic and Delicious ! - Jessica