Christmas Markets in Bologna

Christmas Markets in Bologna

Lights, scents, colors and flavors typical of this beautiful time of year fill out Bologna’s streets with these typical open-air Christmas markets, find them out!

Saint Lucia Fair

Bancarelle at Santa Lucia Christmas market


“Antica fiera di Santa Lucia” is the oldest in town and dates back to the 16th Century.
Therefore, tradition is the word that fits best with this market which lights up under the Portico dei Servi, where Strada Maggiore intersects via Guerrazzi. People in town couldn’t wait for this edition anymore: started on November 11th, the fair will be active til’ December 26th. The different “bancarelle” serves typical sweets like croccante, torrone, nocciole caramellate and gummy candies sold by weight. Traditional handcrafted nativities are not missing, making a magic atmosphere next to knitted cozy winter clothes, candles, incenses and more.
Santa Lucia fair is the perfect place to visit to gain some holiday atmosphere, the necessary for home decorations and the first gifts!

Hours: Every day: 9 am – 8 pm.
Location: Portico dei Servi


French Christmas Market

French Christmas Market in Piazza Minghetti


Transalpine atmosphere will capture Piazza Minghetti and Piazza del Francia’s hearts again this year! The French Christmas Village has been a success in Bologna since 2016.
This year, we’ll be gladly surrounded by French food and smells from November 26th to December 24th.
This is a very much loved and popular event for many good reasons: in addition to French pastries, like croissants, baguettes and biscuits, also french cheeses, spices and wines are sold and there are also products like soaps from Provence and handcrafts which are perfect for unique gifts.
Don’t miss the chance to taste a great hot meal like the classic French Beef Bourguignon (slow-cooked stew with veggies, in a rich red-wine gravy, mostly pinot noir from France’s Burgundy region)* or mustard potatoes cooked at the moment by one of the many wooden kiosks of the market!
Hours: 9 am – 8 pm
Location: Piazza Minghetti; Piazza del Francia

Christmas Fair in via Altabella


Altabella Christmas Fair and its artesanal products


Another point of reference for cozy walks and Christmas shopping is “Fiera di via Altabella”, close to the Cathedral of San Pietro in via Indipendenza.
This yearly event started on November 18th and runs until January 8th, covering the entire holiday period.
The Christmas market features high-quality artisanal products such as engraved lather notebooks, figurines of elves, fairies and fantasy creatures. There is much more handicrafts, jewellery, ornate watches, paintings, wood and paper toys than food, although various kiosks of typical Fair’s sweets (croccante, torrone, gummy candies) like the ones in Santa Lucia Fair are there.

Hours: Every day, 9.30 am- 8 pm
Location: Via Altabella


Smaller markets are expected to be at “Piazza XX Settembre” together with a carousel next to the train station (from 24 November 24th and until January 10th, 2023) and under Voltone del Podestà.
In fact, a market of Christmas antiquities will overlook Piazza Maggiore, right beneath the big archway of the portico (Voltone del Podestà) .
Meet the exhibitors of antiquities and unique pieces from all over the world there, from December 12th to 24th.