Where to buy the best fresh pasta and salumi in Bologna : Salumeria Bruno e Franco

Window of shop Bruno e Franco in Bologna

Where to buy the best fresh pasta and salumi in Bologna : Salumeria Bruno e Franco

Salumeria Bruno e Franco is a landmark for locals who crowd the shop every day to buy the best delicacies for which Emilia Romagna is famous. Warmly welcomed by Franco, the owner, you can find regional cheese, salumi, olive oil, balsamic vinegar and a big variety of fresh pasta made by Grazia, Martina and their team of sfogline in a small pasta factory, a few steps from the shop.

A fabulous artisanal pasta shop


Grazia and Martina, Franco’s wife and daughter, manage the small pasta factory where about 10 sfogline make fresh pasta every morning, such as Tortellini, tagliatelle, balanzoni, green lasagne. All the pasta is made by hand, rolled with a wooden rolling pin as the old local tradition requires.

What is a sfoglina?


Sfoglina means « pasta maker ». It is a word you will often hear around Bologna where this trade is still very important. The term sfoglina derives from sfoglia, which is the dough for making pasta. In Emilia Romagna it’s considered not just a simple profession, it’s more like an art which is transmitted from generation to generation. It’s becoming more popular among young people who have re-discovered the joy of making pasta by hand.

Let’s go for the tasting


We at Delicious Bologna have made our (obvious) choice and selected Salumeria Bruno e Franco as a partner for our food tours. After going to the pasta factory to watch sfogline pasta making, we move to the shop for a big tasting. So, during our daylight food tour you will have the privilege to taste Parmigiano Reggiano, several types of salumi like Prosciutto di Parma, Culatello di Zibello, Mortadella without forgetting the Aceto balsamico di Modena (25 years old), and of course, a glass of Lambrusco, a traditional red sparkling wine from the side of Modena.

Be careful not to confuse Salami and Salumi…


Salami is a cured sausage that has been fermented and air-dried, salumi is the name for all Italian cured meat products, usually pork . But also cooked products such as mortadella and prosciutto cotto are considered types of salumi. Just remember one thing: salami is a specific kind of salumi.

Finally, here is a list of Emilia Romagna’s salumi to know at your fingertips, if you want to shine in society: Prosciutto di Parma, Culatello di Zibello, Coppa Piacentina, Mortadella, Salama da sugo (typical of the Ferrara area), Salame Felino and the pig’s foot (Zampone and Cotechino).

Salumeria Bruno & Franco, Via Oberdan 16, Bologna